Monday, January 21, 2013

a look at the nursery nook

I had today off and Jonny and I decided we would go for an afternoon walk.
Our neighborhood is pretty neat with lots of little shops, a cafe or two, a public library, even a flea market.
The way the sunshine had been shining through our windows tricked me into thinking Spring is near
but one step outside and we were reminded to the contrary.
Absolutely frigid. But beautiful nonetheless.
I brought along our new camera, a Canon Rebel T3i (eeeeek!)
Learning the ins and outs of this thing will be quite a challenge, but I think I'm up for it.
Since I had the camera out, I decided I'd go ahead and give you a glimpse of the little guy's space.
Which also happens to be Jonny and I's space. 
Our apartment is pretty teeny.
It is technically a 2 bedroom, but our kitchen is awkward so we made the second bedroom a dining room. We'll see how this goes for a while.
First up, our new dresser. A Christmas present from mom and dad.
Because the apartment is small, closets have been used for storage, therefore taking up room for clothes, 
and leaving us in need of another dresser. 
I was being pretty particular about what kind of dresser since I needed it to hold lots without taking up lots of space. 
And you'll never guess who eyed this beauty first...
I love it! The curved wood, the knobs, the detail, even the scratches. 
And best of all, it fits so much! 
(Thank you, husband (for seeing it) and mom and dad (for buying it hauling it through 4 states))
You may remember that empty frame from this post.
It has now been spray painted white, my new obsession, which you'll realize further down this post.
I was originally thinking burlap behind it, but now I'm going with chalkboard.
Now I just need all my ideas to become reality.
The dresser is topped with trinkets of my great-grandmother's, Meme, that hold chunky necklaces and other odds n' ends.
Next there is the vanity.
Which I never gave a second thought until the other day.
It is actually used for vane purposes.
This is where I do girly stuff that Jonny doesn't understand.

I love this vanity. It belonged to my Grandma Great, as we called her
(my great grandmother who also happened to be great, and that would be an understatement).
She had a typewriter sitting on this vanity in her guest bedroom.
She wrote letters to everybody, and poems too.
I remember always going back to that bedroom and pretending to type away on it.
I don't think I would ever get rid of this vanity, too many memories!
Then there is the bed directly in front of the vanity, as you can tell in the reflection. 
On the bed are embroidered pillows that also belonged to my great-grandmother (Meme).
Are you noticing a trend here?
We love vintage hand-me-downs. 
Well, that should be rephrased to I. I love hand-me-downs. Jonny is just a fan of functionality.
Now on the other side of the bed we finally get to the third of our bedroom that we are considering the nursery nook.
The cradle is the same one I slept in as a newborn, just with a fresh coat of paint.
The changing table was also what my mother used for me, also with a new coat of paint.
(A massive thanks to my mom and dad who hauled them up to Kentucky and spray painted them entirely.)
Mom and I found the tricycle painting at the flea market just down the street, before we knew the gender.
Can't wait to have our little guy here, just hanging out with us. 
Right beside the cradle is a reclining rocking chair that was also given to us from a family member. 
Jonny and I already spend lots of time reading here. 
One time I found Jonny reading here while simultaneously rocking the cradle.
I reminded him that the baby isn't here just yet.

Like the cracks in the wall? Just one of the perks of living in a house over a hundred years old. 
Really though, we are so grateful for how God has provided for us! 
We have a dresser full of clothes for our unborn child, 
a place for him to sleep, 
to be changed, and to be rocked to sleep, 
which is all more than necessary. 
How sweetly the Lord does provide for His children. 

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