Saturday, January 19, 2013

who needs an appendix anyway?

Not this guy.
So Jonny had been complaining of some pains in his lower abdomen for 
well over a week. I kept telling him I'd take him to the doctor
but he just seemed like he couldn't bother. 
The way he described it, neither of us really thought it was appendicitis
and the longer we waited, I thought surely it would have burst by now 
if it was his appendix.
But on Wednesday afternoon he decided it was time to do something.
He had to wait until I got home from work and then we headed to urgent care.
After waiting for an hour and seeing the doctor for about 5 minutes, 
she poked around on his middle and promptly said,
"You need to get to the hospital for appendicitis!"

So off we went to the ER at Norton Suburban.
(We've been joking back and forth about Jonny being able to get us to the hospital
when I go into labor, so we just used this as a practice run.)

After two hours of blood work and a CT scan in the ER, 
it was confirmed that Jonny definitely had appendicitis and was in need 
of an emergency appendectomy.
The surgery happened around midnight and lasted about an hour.
**The hospital waiting room is sort of an eerie place at that hour.
People going in and out for smoke breaks, eating hot Cheetos and corn dogs.
And on top of that I was actually in the Labor & Delivery waiting room, 
so people kept looking at me confused, as if I should be seeing a doctor or something, 
I wonder why that would be???

The surgeon came back to tell me that though they had tried a laparoscopic technique 
in two different places, they weren't able to get his "nasty"
appendix that way and had to actually open him up.
Poor guy. 
Wounds in three places in his belly!
About 30 minutes later I was allowed to see him in the recovery room.
He was still loopy from the drugs but also in a lot of pain.
It's horrible to see someone you love so much in a lot of pain
but at the same time he was doing some pretty funny things
(that he has no recollection of)!

A little after 2am we were able to get him to a room, 
after an hour of more intake questions, we were finally left to rest.
Well, Jonny slept pretty well off on on the whole time, 
and I got a few periods of rest in a recliner next to him.

The whole thing is a blur now really... 
somehow it became morning, and then afternoon.
They monitored his intake and as long as his body tolerated the solid food he was given
at lunch, we would be able to go home.
We left around 2pm and he has been recovering well ever since.

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